About Lontech Solutions A/S

All-in-one platform

We provide energy- and performance optimization solutions to our customers - oil companies world wide. We collect all the customes technical installations on ONE central platform that allows bidirectional control and monitoring. Our reference list includes 10 oil companies and is growing strong.

Cost-effective installations

The solutions are designed to be retrofitted in existing installations with minimum disruption and cost, for example, by using wireless communication. The solutions are modular, so that customers can choose to employ only relevant parts of the solution.

Tailor-made solutions

In addition, Lontech Solutions’ highly qualified and energetic development team can tailor-make a solution for your business challenge. Lontech Solutions has the capacity to design the total business solution, as well as the components used in the solution.

Secure but accessible information

Hosting is available so that information can be stored off-site. Both site and total business overviews can be viewed over the Internet using password protected Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs).